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We are experts in strategic communications, public affairs and strategic advisory. We work with international clients, businesses and high-profile individuals, providing personalised, premium and strategically minded service. We employ a unique, interdisciplinary approach to address our clients' issues in an increasingly challenging global environment. We create bespoke solutions in difficult situations to protect value for our clients

Our advisers bring a wealth of expertise from successful careers in senior positions in global communications firms (such as Edelman and APCO Worldwide) and international organisations (the UN, the Council of Europe and the OSCE), as successful lobbyists, civil society leaders, top analysts advising senior decision-makers and business leaders, and journalists with the world’s leading news agencies (such as Reuters and AFP).

Our services range from media briefings and campaigns, crisis and issues communications, online visibility and privacy, to media analysis reports, executive briefings and stakeholder relations, to international public affairs and political risk advisory.

We are world-class experts in reputation management and defamation, ensuring fast and efficient corrections and removal of false and damaging content, as well as detection, prevention and mitigation of reputational risks. We manage crises and issues straddling media relations and legal approaches, digital communications, SEO and adverse content erasure.


We develop and deliver high-quality, bespoke analytical products, including media analysis and press briefings (on the level which global leaders receive e.g. daily briefs and press digest reports), reputation audits (researching key databases and open sources to address and counter any false, defamatory and damaging entries), risk assessment reports (bespoke dossiers to identify, prevent and mitigate privacy, business and political exposure risks, or satisfy overzealous compliance requests and prevent damage), as well as conduct the 'adverse impact' forensic investigations (identifying sources and actors behind disinformation campaigns, and countering them).

We provide international media relations advising corporations and high-profile clients. We work at key global events, generating strategic insights and thought leaders. We build coalitions, find allies and and create channels of effective communications to achieve our clients' strategic objectives. We are global experts in philanthropy, charity and legacy issues.

We are experts in international affairs and public policy, geopolitical risk analysis and political risk advisory, international advocacy and global public affairs. The level of analysis we employ is that which global leaders rely on in making decisions. We provide high-level strategic advisory, analysis and insights which empower our clients for success.

Strategic Communications

International Public Relations

Media Relations & Editorial Briefings

Media Monitoring & Analysis

Reputation Audit & Management
Perception Management

Defamation & Privacy Issues

Crisis Communications

Litigation Communications

Corporate & Financial Communications

ESG & Sustainability Communications
Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropy & Charitable Foundations

Leadership Communications

Media Training for Business Leaders 
Thought Leadership & Content Creation

Digital Communications

Search Engine Optimisation

Corrections & Content Erasure
Celebrity Media Relations
UHNWI & High-Profile Individuals

Public Affairs

International Affairs & Geopolitical Solutions

Public Policy Monitoring & Analysis

Stakeholder Engagement & Relations
Coalition Building & Advocacy
Civil Society Outreach

Investor Relations, IPO & M&A

Strategic Advisory

Global CEO & Board Advisory
Political Risk Advisory

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Regulatory & Compliance Risk

Executive Briefings & Reports

Global CEO & Board Advisory

Due Diligence & Research

Forensic Investigations & Diligence


Professional services

We provide professional services except for any financial, investment or other regulated services, and do not give any financial advice.

Good business ethics

We value our company's and advisers' reputation and provide all our services in good faith and according to the highest ethical business standards. We adhere to adequate policy and procedures to prevent and exclude any corruption, bribery or money laundering risks.


We are an independent and privately owned firm and are not financially dependent on or affiliated with any organisation, lobby, political group or government. We work with reputable and trusted partners, advisers and associates, but any views expressed by them do not necessarily represent those of the company.

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